The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) and the IFRS Foundation have announced a new cooperation agreement aimed at promoting long-term financial stability, strengthening market discipline and developing information exchange. The agreement, in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding, formalizes mutual interaction and strengthens the relationship between BCBS and the IFRS Foundation at the strategic and operational level, with a focus on the evolution of IFRS standards, the interaction between IFRS standards and the BCBS framework, and how financial institutions apply them in practice around the world. If it were easy to write a press release, there would be no need for press releases, press releases, articles, books and newsletters. Writing a press release is certainly not easy. Video news can take the form of adult productions that cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. They can also be produced in the tv news format or even for the web. Michel Prada, President of the IFRS Foundation Trustees, said: „There is a real desire for international organizations to be more involved in the development of standards for global finance. This agreement will help to achieve this by strengthening and formalizing the already high level of cooperation between the IFRS Foundation and the Basel Committee. Some broadcasters have discouraged the use of new video and report a misperception of the public and a desire to increase their credibility.

Orange and ATC France, a specialist in the management and marketing of network infrastructure, have been collaborating since 2012 in the development and operation of mobile infrastructure and have strengthened this existing partnership. This agreement allows ATC France and Orange to pool their know-how for the benefit of their customers and improve network coverage in France. Using a press release saves time and money for a business, but it limits the format and style of distributed media. Press releases are also biased in relation to the organization it has commissioned. In the digital age, consumers want to receive their information immediately, putting pressure on the news media to spend as much material as possible. As a result, news media companies are highly dependent on press releases to create stories. [1] At best, a press release briefly describes the „who,“ „what,“ „where,“ „when,“ „when,“ and „how“ of your project in a way that prompts media professionals to stop the press (so to speak) and say, „Wow! That`s what we were looking for. In the worst case scenario, a press release reads like little more than a best-s best-s incomprehensible, full of errors of all kinds.