Eligibility criteria are the DWP criteria available in the Kickstart program to determine who should be a scholarship holder and which vacancies are suitable to support the Kickstart program; d. All employment opportunities are needed: the Kickstart programme aims to improve the ability to enter the workforce and the chances of sustainable employment for the long-term unemployed aged 16 to 24. It provides subsidies to employers to support the creation of new jobs that would not otherwise exist. 22.1.1. The fellow uses the grant for purposes other than subsidized activities 22.1.2. the grant recipient does not fulfill any of its obligations under this grant agreement and failure is, according to DWP 22.1.3, essential. The recipient uses the grant for ineligible expenses 22.1.4. According to the DWP, the fellow is not in a position to make satisfactory progress on funded activities and, in particular, the achievement of the results agreed upon in Schedule 4 22.1.5. the boursagist did not (i) provide the DWP with a correct corrective action plan after it was asked to do so in accordance with point 6.2.4, or (ii) improves the availability of funded activities in accordance with the relief action plan approved by DWP 22.1.6. According to the DWP, the fellow provides negligent subsidized activities (in this context, negligence involves failure to prevent or report actual or expected fraud or corruption) 22.1.7. The grant recipient does not declare double funding 22.1.8.

Der Stibouriat erh-lt Mittel von einem Dritten, der nach Ansicht der DWP Aktiviten, die geeignet sind, den Ruf der gef-rderten Aktiviten oder der DWP in Verruf zu verruf zu bringen 22.1.9. The grant recipient makes available to DWP any misleading or inaccurate material information and/or any of the information provided in its grant application or in subsequent correspondence, which is considered inaccurate or incomplete to a extent that DWP considers significant 22.1.10. the grant recipient commits or has committed a prohibited law or has not notified DWP of a prohibited law, whether it is committed by the grant recipient, one of its representatives or a third party as soon as it is known 22.1.11.