Once the noc tenant receives, he must follow the same police check procedure. Step 4: A new page opens to register. Select the status as Tennant, Property Owner or Dealer and enter all the information and click Next Step (Agla Marhala). There are two methods that a tenant can choose for police verification, for example. B a worried police station or Khidmat Markaz police to surrender. Once the police have checked the tenant, they will issue a certificate. This document will help the citizen avoid unnecessary trouble during the search operation. If, for any reason, the tenant decides to evacuate the rented property, he must go to the police station where he registered his karaya dari nama and has his tenancy cancelled. No processing fee is charged for the client`s verification form. If the police charge an illegal fee for the rental, you can file a complaint here. If you are a tenant and apartment for rent in Punjab, then it is mandatory for you to fill out the tenant registration form (karaya dari form) for police verification. This form is available in all police stations in Punjab.

If you want a name of Karaya online, it is also available on the Punjab police website. The registration form for Punjab police tenants is now available on this page and people simply sign up for a temporary stay. This is one of the best measures taken by the Punjab government to control terrorists, as many terrorists lived on rent, but the police and landlords were not aware. Click on the link and fill out the rental form. Registration of tenants without trial, while if a person asks for the money, then you can file a complaint against the people who apply. The original documents are returned to the owner of the rented property and an additional copy is kept at the police station. After the serious terrorist activities in Pakistan, especially in Punjab, Pakistan`s largest province. Punjab province has passed a law „THE PUNJAB INFORMATION OF TEMPORARY RESIDENTS ACT 2015. This law requires that the landlord/tenant/real estate agent, when a room or property is rented, must record information about property, tenants and landlords in the police station concerned. Good information for the police lease registration. Please give me the following information.

If the owner lives far away in another city and cannot go to the police station, the real estate agent can submit the form. The owner will provide a copy of the original NIC card and a copy of the rental agreement with all other necessary documents. With the best greetings Shafeeq Ahmad Chaduhry Step 1: Towards the link www.punjabpolice.gov.pk/tenants The process of police punjab TenantsInscribed is very simple. All information regarding tenants Punjab registration bulletin policy is mentioned and this is mandatory for those who live on rent. On the other hand, the police can check the tenant`s registration at any time. If you do not make the documents available, then the police will oppose them under the law. Once you have printed a rental contract or karaya dari nama on the stamp paper at the same time as the affidavit. You will need to check the police verification form.

Get an impression of this form and fill out all the information. As soon as you file documents at your police station. Then you return the tenant verification form online and within 15 to 20 minutes of the certified copy of karaya dari trained to the tenant.