Virgin Media customers can use the Usenet (NNTP) server with the „“ address. These servers are outsourced to the Highwinds Network Group and are headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Virgin Media also hosts another operational usenet server, formerly known as „,“ now „,“ which has some limitations and limits the size of the item to 50 kb. 9. If this contract ends or you terminate a service, we will disable all relevant equipment that we have made available to you to provide the services (permanent deactivation). You can no longer use the device. In 2013, Virgin Media[72] changed its traffic management policy to the detriment of its customers. The new directive stipulated a maximum reduction of 40% for most services, but users indicated that most services have been reduced by the same amount. [73] Virgin Media`s advertising of its „unlimited“ broadband services and their controversial traffic management is currently under investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority following the ban on previous ads. [74] 2. If you break this agreement and we forget and/or Virgin Media`s payments, we can still terminate the agreement with you if you break it again. 7. In particular, if you subscribe to a service that allows Internet access, which limits the amount of data you can download or download each month (monthly usage allowance), you cannot exceed this monthly usage allowance.

You can monitor your usage in the My Use section of your My Virgin Media account. Virgin Media will send notifications to let you know if you are approaching your monthly payout via SMS and email, after which, if you still decide to continue to exceed your compensation, we will add an unlimited data package for the remainder of your billing period for an additional fee, as outlined in the price guide. At the end of your billing period, your monthly usage supplement will then be reset to the previous limit, which will then apply. You are responsible for providing Virgin Media with an active email address and mobile phone number that you will check regularly to receive these updates. For more details on the relevant fees, check out the „My Notifications“ pages in the My Virgin Media Use section. – Once your minimum period expires, if you have not asked us to stop providing the Services or have asked us to change your services as outlined above, we will continue to offer you the same services (as described below) on the current monthly price for your services. Virgin Media and the BPI denied reports of an agreement or pilot project and said they were only in talks. [115] However, at least one person claimed to have received a letter threatening to separate. [116] Although the UK government has supported plans to ban p2p users from the internet, it could soon be overturned by a harsh condemnation from the European Parliament for data protection issues and the importance of internet access. [117] 7. in any other case where we reasonably believe that any change to a relevant system, network or changes in business, commercial or commercial practices or policies is necessary to maintain or improve the services available to you.