Apprenticeship agreement before mobility: study contract (nature of students, institution of origin and destination). 2 to 12 months: up to 3 months of mobility are funded. Open access to Erasmus educational materials, documents and media. Host institutions can be: higher education institutions under the Erasmus framework or private or public institutions in one of the Erasmus countries working in the labour market or in the field of education. The University of Navarre is located on the southeastern border of Pamplona, Spain. Famous for its welcoming and welcoming atmosphere, Pamplona also offers a wide range of leisure activities, hops and an exquisite culinary tradition, which is powered by high-quality Navarress products. This activity allows the professional development of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the University of Navarre as well as the development of the institutions concerned. It could take the form of training abroad (except lectures) and learning through observation, observation periods or training at a partner university or other relevant foreign organization. In the case of teaching, it is necessary to confirm the objective in advance with the international coordinator of the corresponding faculty. Training/training program signed by the three parties Sufficient level of the language in which the stay is carried out.

Tackling rising unemployment, especially among young people. . Applicants must be part of the accounts of the faculty of the University of Navarre, both at the time of application and during the realization of mobility. Financial assistance depends on the standard of living of the destination country and the duration of mobility. Destination countries vary according to agreements between the centres of the University of Navarre and European universities. See the list of destinations and the list of coordinators in each faculty. Universities can grant Erasmus grants without EU assistance: Erasmus is a European Commission-funded programme that facilitates the mobility of students, teachers and staff from partner universities and eligible institutions across Europe. The exchange request is made online in this web area. Online application from 3 to 12 months (may include an internship): Up to 7 months of Mobility Exchange Student is funded is an entry into UPNA for a limited time (one or two semesters) to carry out studies under an exchange contract between UPNA and its home university.

. With its location in the heart of Navarre, the city is the perfect place to enjoy the charm of the region.