You can contradict the analysis of your browsing behavior. You are aware of the potential for opposition in this privacy policy. You can provide contact information such as your name, phone number or email address to facilitate interaction. This data is not transmitted to third parties and is used only to process and document chat requests. (g) make available to the person concerned, upon request, a copy of the clauses or an existing contract for sub-treatment, unless the clauses or contract contain commercial information, in which case they may withdraw this commercial information, with the exception of Appendix 2, which is replaced by a summary description of security measures in cases where the person concerned is unable to obtain a copy of the exporter; 2.2 Purpose Limitation: The subcontractor treats the data as processors only for purposes described in Schedule 1 and strictly in accordance with the client`s documented instructions (the „eligible purpose“) and the treatment outside the scope of these instructions (if any) requires prior written agreement between the customer and Cloud4Wi. Data Protection Impact Analysis („DPAs“): CPIs generally describe an organization`s data processes and safeguards, particularly those that can be risky. For data processing activities, clients must perform a DPIA and submit it to the authorities. The person concerned has the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority for violation of data protection legislation. The data protection supervisory authority is the national data protection officer of the Land in which our company is headquartered. A list of data protection delegates and their contact information is available on the following link:

Other data is automatically collected by our computer systems when visiting the site. In particular, this will be technical data (for example. B via your Internet browser, operating system or the time you accessed our website). This data is collected automatically as soon as you appear on our website.