Analysis of the main special agreements (SPA) of an airline in northern Europe In recent years, the market has also strengthened in the sense of cooperation in low cost services and services, in both cases it appears that airlines need to be very selective about which airlines should cooperate with AND to assess the quality of relationships by quantifying the real benefits in a more scientific way. Thanks to these agreements, Turkish Cargo can also serve sites such as major cities in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth), New Zealand (Auckland), certain destinations in Latin America, Africa and many remote locations in the Far East that are not flown on their own or Turkish Airlines. Click on the link below for a list of airlines with which AND has interline agreements. Interline Agreement Network Planning, pricing and revenue management are undoubtedly the main areas of a successful airline`s business. But many airlines underestimate the profit effect of a good interline and proration policy. Whether you`re in an alliance or not, all airlines need other airlines to feed and feed their network. And it`s not just a way to receive additional passengers. Many airlines pay too much to other airlines through the production and/or receive too little for passenger transport on another airline`s ticket fleet. The special agreement is a special example of an interline agreement that defines precisely the distribution of fees and the billing of ticket costs between air carriers. While a regular interline agreement is a widely understood agreement between two (or more) airlines allowing a trip with a ticket, the BSG sets the terms of financing, distribution and billing of fees paid by the passenger (or by the buyer) and pays the ticket money only to one of the carriers involved.

Designing and inauguration of a database for SPAs – installing profitable provisos with a major international airline based in Asia – Initial creation of SPA for a start-up airline in the Middle East – Training workshop for interline and production at an international airline in South Asia Tails and Winglets Tails Tails and Winglet Closeups with nice airline logos – Recommendations to optimize a major spa for a codeshare agreement between a European airline and a Polish Airlines LOT are also negotiating codeshare agreements with other partners to facilitate travel to Southeast Asia and Australia.