Price: The airport commission, the airport`s entity managing the airport, authorizes the award of the agreement. If necessary, the agreement is then approved by the supervisory board and ratified by the mayor. The successful bidder or candidate then becomes a tenant of the airport. Planning phase: Employees determine general terms and conditions, including the nature of the business, location, duration of lease, minimum acceptable offer, rental price, required and optional goods or services, operational requirements and construction/improvement requirements. The highest bidder or top candidate then meets with a representative of the Human Rights Commission (HRC) and enters into a non-discrimination agreement on employment. As soon as staff members are informed by the HRC of the staff approval of the high-level bidders and the employment plan for non-discrimination, the selection process enters its final phase. The airport can give a six-month experiment to test a new concept or trend to come. If the concept proves desirable, the airport will arrange a selection procedure for the opportunity. The lease is not guaranteed to the established company. As each concession is different, the rent varies. For example, a kiosk has a different proposal/minimum offer than an online restaurant. Each business opportunity goes through a competition selection process with a minimum proposal/offer amount set. The guaranteed minimum rent for the first year of the lease is the proposal/offer proposed by the winning candidate/bidder.

For authorization information and forms for ground transportation providers, such as charter, commercial shuttle, courtesy shuttle, crew shuttle, shared van, hotel shuttle, limousine, car rental shuttle off-airport, park shuttle, and taxi, please visit SFO Ground Transportation Permit Processing. Information Conference: As soon as the opportunity is open to the public, the airport organizes an information conference. The purpose of the conference is to review and explain the selection process and contract specifications. It is also an opportunity for participants to contribute to staff thinking. Participants are informed of changes to qualification criteria, terms and conditions or selection procedures. A Request for Proposals (RFP) or bid for Bids (RFB) describing the possibility of business and defining qualification requirements for potential candidates or bidders is issued. This includes a proposed leasing and market data and contains instructions for submitting an offer or offer. The document also contains the selection criteria that the airport will use to evaluate the proposal.