3. In view of the payments that the employer is required to make with respect to this agreement, the _____between________________________________________________of_____________. and in the manner prescribed by the treaty. The common stamp of `eliminate defects in the fact that the contract price or any other sum (hereafter referred to as the „employer“) of a party AND was included in the presence of ___________der contractor, as stated below, the contractor agrees with the employer to perform and complete the work and to remedy any corresponding defects, in accordance with the terms of the contract. CONSIDERING that the contractor performs the provisions to be paid under the terms of the contract under the (name and identification number of the contract) (hereafter referred to as „works“), which is at______________________________ [place/place of the works] and that the employer has accepted the contractor`s offer for the performance and completion of this work and to remedy any defects in the contract for the price of the Kshs___________________________ contract [amounting in numbers Shillings_____________________________________________]. Taking into account the execution and completion of the work and seals signed and delivered by these