If you register as one of the following types of suppliers, the additional vendor profile is required, check all the specific requirements noted by the type of provider, send with your paper application. Thank you for your interest in joining our network of suppliers. At the moment, we have found that we have a complete network to meet the needs of our membership. As a result, we do not currently accept new suppliers. However, changes to registration or membership requirements may require the addition of new providers to our network. We advise you to submit an application for the network and we will keep your application on file for one year. We will contact you if our needs change. Filing an application does not guarantee that you will receive a contract. Please check the next steps, then click „Join our Network“ to submit an application. The effective date is recorded in the treaty. Our corporate policy is that the validity dates will be at least 60 days from the date the two parties sign the agreement. This is a reasonable time to load the contract and carry out the necessary quality checks to facilitate the precise payment of damages.

AHCCCS has implemented a Constant Contact e-mail notification as a courtesy to allow interested parties to subscribe to information on minimum subcontracting requirements. AHCCCS encourages contractors and suppliers to subscribe for timely updates. To subscribe, click the „Connect“ button below: This app is for individual retailers, rendered/service, Atypical Individual, Group Practice, Contractor/MCO, Facility/Agency Organization (FAO) and Atypical Agency Provider-Type. If you have any questions about the supplier registration process, please contact the AHCCCS Supplier Registration Unit for a complete list of supplier types for registration types. Arizona Complete Health provides excellent medical and behavioral services to our members with the help of our supplier agencies. To become a contract provider, thank you for your interest in becoming a supplier in the AHCCCS program. The Department of Member and Supplier Services (DMPS) is responsible for the timely registration and revalidation of eligible service and health care providers managed in the AHCCCS program.